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Welcome to my little tribute to Heaven's angels, John Lennon and George Harrison. I love all The Beatles, and they are all great, but John and George have done a little extra something for my life, and this is my thanks to them. But I will also feature the Earth's angels, Paul and Ringo, because they deserve it. After all, they were four people who made up one.

"Hi! My name is Layla and it's nice to kinda meet you. If I could shake your hand, I would, but feel free to shake your mouse or something instead. This is my little corner or the net where I live with my four site mates John, George, Paul and Ringo. Say hello lads!"

Beatles all together: "'Ello!"

"Good lads!" (throws them biscuts and laughs) " Anyway, I'm the owner of the whole things, but they will take you on tour. Have fun and DON'T BE CHEEKY! I mean it Lennon!"

Lennon: "I promise!" (snickers and crosses fingers behind his back)

"Goo boys. Well, enjoy! There are some other people on this site too. There is a page with their wives on it...but they are banned from the page cause they must love me!" (laughs manically) "Tarra!" (disappears off into the pages and wires of the site)

The face says it all!

This has to be one of my favorite pictures of George! What a cutie!

Kiss my arse if you dare!

I Am Paul! I am I am!


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United Angels Singing

We miss you George Harrison and John Lennon. But, just like this picture shows, I'm sure they are happily singing together and holding a grand rock concert in heaven. God Bless Them!


A picuture says alot about a person, so if you aren't familar with The Beatles personalities, take a look at this pic.

Paul: Why does seem to be that George is your FAVORITE Layla?

Well...he kinda is Paul...


George: (feeling special) There's nuthin' wrong with bein' well loved.

Thats right Georgie hun.

Paul: OOOOOooooooOOOOOO! It makes me sick!

John: (cackles) Want some cheese with that whine Paul?

Paul: Oh sod off Lennon! (storms off to his page)

I love me!


I have the link to the fan fiction site near to the bottom of the page. If you are interested in reading it, click on the picuture of George and Paul I drew. You can't miss it!

I love this site!

Wanna join?

Read The fanfic today!



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DISCLAIMER: I don't own The Beatles image or their music or anything like that. I'm just a happy lil fan who wanted to spend some time doing something fun with my favorite band. Something legal!